Native Spring Plants for Foraging and Holistic Health

Jen Moss - Holistic Connection


Foraging and working with our native plants in the UK is very close to my heart and I am excited to share this workshop so you too can benefit from the absolute gifts from nature all around us.

Through the last few years I have deepened relationship with the natural world through profound teachings and personally journeying with numerous plants and trees.

This workshop will include practicalities, physical and energetic healing potentials of number of key plants which grow abundantly in the UK during springtime.

This workshop will include:

Wisdom share  on the practicalities of foraging wild food in the UK, and the physical and energetic healing potentials of a selection of edible and powerfully healing native plants
Sample tasters you will have the opportunity to sample some simple foraged plants, which you can utilise at home and may include;

•    A herbal tea to nourish every physical system in your body & support you in strengthening your energetic boundaries
•    A lymphatic cleansing tonic – supporting smooth lymph flow
•    A tasty foraged & handmade vegan pesto

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