Conscious Tribal Gathering 2021

July 22, 2021 - July 26, 2021


Ticket Sales open 10AM Friday  11th June.

Our 5th Annual Community Gathering. We are delighted to be meeting again in the beautiful fields this Summer.

Building on previous experience, we are planning this to be the best yet!

Speakers, workshops and Musical acts are all booked, we will be adding website detail over the coming weeks.

You may notice that ticket prices have gone up a little this year, this is to ensure that all costs are covered (including entertainment, workshop & speaker expenses, 24hr on call / on site paramedics, ample toilets, showers, insurance, venue hire/storage, waste management, off-grid power and lighting for two marquees!) and a good donation can go to SCOSP to assist with their work with Albino Orphans.  We feel they are still super cheap when compared to most every other events in this category and at this level of organisation. We have extended the age brackets for kids to help parents out.

Adult tickets are £65 if bought online in advance, £75 on the gate.

£15 (age 7 to 18) full event
£7 (age 7 to 18) one day one night camping
£5 (age 7 to 18) one day (no camping)
under 7 free

Note: Direct donations to SCOSP are sent periodically (and manually). Unfortunately PayPal doesnt operate in Uganda, so there is a bit of manual faff that needs to be done to get monies over to SCOSP. In brief, the funds are withdrawn from PayPal, and sent via (which operates in Uganda). You will receive photograph of a handwritten receipt from SCOSP to the email associated to your PayPal.



 Please select the number of tickets you require, read and accept the T&Cs, then click PayPal button below

Full Event Tickets
Full Adult Ticket
Above 7 & Under 18
Under 7
Single Day Adult Tickets
Without Camping
With Camping
Single Day Child Tickets
Without Camping
With Camping
  •  Direct donation to SCOSP  -  £5.00
  •  Direct donation to SCOSP  -  £10.00
  •  Direct donation to SCOSP  -  £15.00
  •  Direct donation to SCOSP  -  £20.00
  •  Direct donation to SCOSP  -  £50.00
 I have read, understand and accept the terms and conditions
 By purchasing these tickets for myself or on behalf of others, whomever attend with these tickets accepts personal responsibility for any illness that may be contracted whilst attending. The organisers, crew, venue host accept no liability.
If you experience any illness symptoms or a positive test in the days before the event, please do not attend, a full refund will be given. Ensure you report this request prior to the event so the refund can be made and gate paperwork adjusted.
Please maintain a safe distance from one and other.
If you're buying tickets or are the recipients of tickets, attendance Consious Tribal Gathering at your own risk.
If you're buying tickets or are the recipients of tickets, you must accept these conditions.
 Bringing Dog?

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Terms & Conditions

  •   This is a private, invite-only event. If you have been referred to this website by another, then this constitutes as your invitation.
  •   By attending you accept full responsibility for your own health and safety whilst attending the event, this includes any under 18's you bring.
  •   Please be aware that the river has very strong currents, especially in the centre. Because of this, entering is discouraged and again, entirely at your own risk.
  •   As a family event please respect a chilled vibe, especially after dark.
  •   Due to the close proximity of neighbours of the site, and the acoustics of the valley, after 23:00 we all must go into extra respectful mode, particularly from a noise perspective.
  •   Again as a family event, anti social drinking is strongly discouraged, if this becomes a problem, you may be asked to leave at the earliest, safest opportunity.
  •   Please accept that smoking is strongly discouraged in enclosed areas and around food zones.
  •   You agree that Conscious Tribal Gathering crew nor organisers will not be held accountable or responsible for any loss or damage to your personal possessions/belongings.
  •   We take no liability or responsibility for any mistakes, errors or inaccuracies made by speakers, workshop facilitators, practitioners etc.
  •   The views expressed at this event do not necessarily represent the views of Conscious Tribal Gathering, its organisers or crew.
  •   The advertised listings / activities etc are subject to change. We take no liability or responsibility for any mistakes, errors or changes to the listings.
  •   Food vendors, stalls and practitioners are independent entities, any trade or barter is between the two parties alone, independent of Conscious Tribal Gathering, its organisers or crew.
  •   For the safety of all, vehicle drivers MUST ahere to the speed limits displayed at the entrance.
  •   Vehicles must be parked in the designated areas after unloading.
  •   Vehicles must be parked away from hilly inclines, ie following the valley rather than facing down the hill.
  •   The compost toilets must ONLY be used for poos and wees! - Please no nappies, sanitary products, plastic bags etc... our 70+ year old host has to empty the pits periodically!
  •   There will be a communal fire on site. Please leave the upkeep of this fire to the fire management team who will be making sure its safe and nicely fueled, not too cold and not too hot!
  •   We ask that you bag as much rubbish as possible and take it home with you for recycling where possible. Strong refuse bags will be provided for anybody that needs them.
  •   Your payment receipt is your "ticket", please print it off and bring it along for gate entry (or show payment proof email on your phone). If you forget your receipt, valid ID which is representative to the the Paypal payment details will be accepted.
  •   Wristbands will be provided for both full and day tickets, please be sure to wear them visibly and please don't take offence if you are asked to show your wristband.
  •   If you can't make it, there will be a "no quibble" refund up to Sunday 19th July 23:59 before the event.
  •   Please note that knives are not permitted beyond the confines of your immediate tent/caravan. This is especially pertinent for minors. Parents/Guardians must ensure children under their care are not roaming the site with knives. We must remind you firmly that this falls under your duty of care as Parents/Guardians.
  •   You must take your waste with you and recycle at home. If you've been able to bring it on site, you have space to take it away empty and squished down!
  •   Food waste can be placed in the blue barrel near the compost loos. (absolutely no other waste in here, those seen to be abusing this will be reminded only once, repeat offenders will embarrass us because we will have to ask them to leave. Please please lets not go there!)

Additional T&Cs for Dog Owners

  •   Conscious Tribal Gathering is currently a dog friendly event, there aren't many festival type events that allow dogs on site.
  •   After much debate with regular crew members, a narrow margin vote has allowed another chance for dogs and their owners to enjoy Conscious Tribal Gathering events. This will be re-assessed for future events and it may become policy that future events be "no dogs allowed" if the problems persist.
  •   The site that has been loaned to us for our gatherings has a strict policy of Dogs on leads (with a human at the other end).
  •   There are multiple reasons for this, including; livestock in adjacent fields, visibility and therefore ability to react when mess occurs, safety concerns for humans and other dogs (specifically; dog owners have expressed concerns that small dogs would be at risk should there be a confrontation with larger dogs).
  •   Another issue with Dogs at the event is the "poo" condition of the nearby roads, which (we have been informed) become heavily soiled with dog mess, getting to "unspeakable" levels towards the Sunday. This is not acceptable as it spoils the enjoyment of the area for all, and it jeopardises the future of the event at this site. Please bag it an bin it both when on site and in neighbouring areas.
  •   In summary:
    • Dogs on leads at all times (with a human at the other end!).
    • If your dog is not used to a lead, and you really want to attend, why not consider leaving the dog with a friend or family member at home?
    • Dog mess MUST be thoroughly cleaned up and bagged and placed in the skip which will be located at the top of the field close to the farm house.
  •   The future of dogs at this event is up to you guys!
  •   Owners will be asked only once on the ground to adhere to the dog policy, after which you may be asked to leave with no refund.
  •   Please don't embarrass us into asking you to leave!