3rd June 2023


June 03, 2023


Welcome to Conscious Tribal Dance (Mountains)

A journey with Cacao, through dance and sound.

Doors Open 6.00pm for 7pm Start - 11:00pm Finish

@ Canolfan Cae Cymro, Clawddnewydd, Ruthin, Denbighshire, LL15 2ND

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We come together to celebrate life, connection, music and dance in the beautiful Clwydian mountains of North Wales. An open hearted, supportive and non judgemental space where you can dance like no one is watching and sing like no one is listening! Family friendly.

What to expect
Connecting and reconnecting with family, friends and tribe both old and new.

Ceremonial Grade Cacao and intention setting.

Dancing to awesome tunes with a fabulous light and laser show. There will be a range of music played… reggae, ska, disco, funk, world, tribal, techno, trance, drum & bass… but it’ll all be funky, chunky, bassy and guaranteed to get your pants swinging. You’ll be busting some shapes foh shoh! Feel free to bring drums and other percussion to play along with.

Then wind down with a calming and healing sound bath followed by the closing ceremony.

There will be a separate chill out room to give you space to chat, sit, meditate... your choice. There will be a selection of herbal teas and water available at no additional cost. Bring your own non alcoholic drinks if you like.

Ticket includes a measured cup of ceremonial grade Cacao (13-18 with parental consent).

No alcohol or illegal substances in the venue. Strictly no smoking or vaping inside the venue. This is a family friendly event. Please honour the intention here to create a beautiful safe space beyond the usual paradigms.

Young and old are welcome.

Entry by online ticket in advance so that we can know numbers and know how much Cacao to prepare.

Over 18yo - £20

Under 18yo (max 3 per adult)
  • 13-18yo - £5 - only when accompanied by a responsible adult with a ticket.
  • Under 13yo - £2 - only when accompanied by a responsible adult with a ticket.
No dogs.

General Info
Due to the nature of the event, the doors will closed promptly at 6.55pm - Please arrive in good time!

As no one will be using alcohol/drugs, it’ll be perfectly safe and legal to drive to the event and home again afterwards. This truly is a great way of having a night out!

There’s parking for approx 100 cars and vans. Overnight parking may be possible by prior arrangement (tbc).

Ensure you are well hydrated before, during and after the event, this is of vital importance.

We have 'Welbeings' on hand if you feel unsteady in any way, these people will be pointed out during the introduction. There may even be a bit of Reiki available.

Professional first aid will also be provisioned on site.

If you are bringing youngsters, you are responsible for them so please ensure that they don’t disrupt the cacao ceremony and sound bath.

If you’d like to help with setup, decoration or anything else then please get in touch.

Cacao (the main ingredient in chocolate) helps to open the heart and provides energy in the form of theobromine, literally meaning "food of the Gods".

The Cacao is a beautiful teacher if you allow it. We invite you to give Cacao space in your metabolic and energetic system, and leave other teacher plants for another day. This allows a cleaner coherent vibe to exist between all participants. It is advised to avoid other stimulants such as coffee on the day to give your system all the necessary space to work with the Cacao.

Our Ceremonial Cacao is pure, organic, wild grown and ethically sourced from ancient Cacao gardens. We are very lucky to have established a direct* link with Ashaninka Communities in Peru.
*We source our Cacao direct from Forever Cacao who have a personal connection with Ashaninka Communities in Peru.

This is sacred and precious with a high energetic vibration, Cacao can open your heart, create happy states, release negative emotions, and connect you to pure love energy.

You can journey onwards with this specific* plant medicine by buying your own directly using this link.
*-Cacao has regional, temperate and seasonal variance, like wine each has its unique nature.

Cacao Contraindications
It is important to respect the more subtle but still very profound power of this plant medicine - she is not for everyone, but she is for most people! Whilst the health benefits of cacao are vast and scientific studies have shown cacao can assist with many symptoms and conditions naturally, there are a few precautions regarding its compatibility with some health disorders or medications, that should be explored before consuming cacao. Please read in detail here

Sound Bath
The combination of Cacao and sound can have profound effects.
We wind down the event with a harmonic resonance experience to integrate the circulation of energy, come home to ourselves and vibrate into peaceful rest.
*** Bring a pillow, blanket and a yoga mat (or whatever you need to get comfy to lay down during this experience) ***

The sound/gong bath is accessible to everyone but those who are pregnant, who are post-operative, have hearing aids, a pacemaker, a severe heart condition, metal hips/joints or sound induced epilepsy may like to rest in the side room while it takes place.

Who’s who?
DJ - Natty Bagus
Lights & Sound Setup - Natty Bagus
Space Holder - Nia Lloyd Jones - Gary DiDGE
Gong Sound Bath - Suzie Price
Welbeing - Sadie Rhea (giving taster session of Reiki and Massage)

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Under 13
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Terms & Conditions

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  •   You must take your waste with you and recycle at home. If you've been able to bring it on site, you have space to take it away empty and squished down!