Back in North Wales with a deep dive Breathwork journey.

Using a style of Conscious Connected and Holotropic Breathing I will take you on a sound and energy journey.

Together we will cultivate a movement of energy around the body and energetic field.

Release, heal, balance, align and   cleanse.

During the ceremony we will go through an initiation and activation together that often produces bliss states of euphoria.

Space held with pure love and hands on healing

Suitable for newbies and breath addicts

Forward by Gary Ctg Didge

After finally experiencing Conscious Connection Breathwork in 2022.
I was compelled to help it reach a wider audience.
It was such a profound experience, life changing truly. Of course everyone's experience will be different, and I am by no means an expert, I can only touch on what I experienced in that one session.
Waves of emotional processing, acceptance, unconditional love, forgiveness to self and others.
I'd have to say that
these Breathwork ceremonies are transformative and the healing effects are remarkable, well, they were for me!

Why Breathwork?

Studies have shown Breathwork can release and heal emotional pain and negative energetic patterns .

However it's not just the biological impact that's powerful, Breathwork is also the quickest way to change our state of consciousness and access higher realms.
The practice connects us with our innate wisdom and brings self awareness, soul growth and often full re-birth experiences.
The breath is also free and available to us whenever we need to create harmony and alignment in our life.

How does Breathwork work?

Our brain uses 20-25% of our oxygen supply as nourishment.
But in today's world with pollution, air-conditioned environments and less exercise, we are just not getting what we need.
Through our conscious connected breath pattern, we not only restore our brain by giving it what it truly craves, but we also nourish our internal organs, release locked in trauma and discover so much more too.

Breathwork leads to altered states of consciousness and many breathers report having visionary experiences and journeys which feel psychedelic in nature.
In fact, it's quite common to hear breathers equate their Breathwork experiences with Ayahuasca or other psychedelic plant medicines.
Also, many of the commonly reported benefits associated with Breathwork parallel plant medicine exactly, including:

  • Trans-personal experiences
  • Feelings of 'oneness with the universe'
  • The releasing of trauma
  • Physical and emotional healing
  • Meetings with, and messages from the divine and spirit
  • Seeing deep and profound parts of the self
  • Revisiting childhood
  • Life-changing breakthroughs
  • Spiritual awakening

It brings subconscious experiences to the surface, removes physical, emotional, and mental toxicity; and provides a path for self-discovery and spiritual awakening.
Plus it's safe, all-natural, and it empowers us to be our own healers.

Introducing Our Facilitators

Traveling all the way from Hebden Bridge, we are delighted to collaborate with Tammy and her team (Anam Cara Events) who hold the space beautifully and with authentic care and consideration.  You may have experienced their workshop at Conscious Tribal Gatherings

What to Bring?

  • A yoga mat, or camping roll to lay on.
    Something to be comfortable on. 
  • A cushion and a blanket. 
  • A drink.

Note: This event is only for those aged 18 and over.